Half Empty Or Half Full

We are officially in the “other half” of 2014. Whether you consider it to be half empty or half full, it’s safe to say it’s the “last half.”

I’m reviewing my 2014 goals this week, and trying to stay in the half full mindset. There’s still plenty of ground to cover this year. This is the week to make adjustments, and not excuses like the ones below! How’s your outlook on the final half of 2014?

Breathe In and Smile Out,


Through The Storm

photoI took this photo early this morning on the coast of the Exuma island in The Bahamas. I have been fortunate to travel literally, around the world a few times.  I can honestly say, this is one of the most beautiful regions in the world.  The ocean, coast line, sands, and sunrise paint a picture that can hardly be captured by an iPhone.

I’ve always been inspired by sunrises and sunsets.  This morning it was a sunrise that was especially inspiring as I watched this small storm crash with God’s paintbrush across the sky.  It reminded me that through the storm, God’s light is present.  At times you may not see it, while other times we see it shine through. This morning I saw it come from all sides as it pushed this storm out.

This is a picture of life that perseveres. It’s a portrait of marriage that survives and thrives across the test of time.  Those thoughts met me this morning. It was an inspiring way to start the day as Wendy and I will celebrate with my aunt and uncle their 40th anniversary.  Today we will celebrate it in a special way as they renew their vows on this amazing island.

My aunt and uncle are two of my favorite people on this planet.  They have guided and inspired my life in so many ways I could write a blog series about it.  One of the many things I love about them is the way they have weathered the storms of life and marriage. They have seen the clouds of life, and the brilliance of God shining through them. Every step on their journey honored the covenant they vowed to God and each other.  Their walk together is leaving a legacy that will impact generations. It already has with my generation! Our hope is that we will continue in their footsteps carrying on this legacy of love through all seasons!


Breathe In & Smile Out,