Lavish Love Of A Father


“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” 1 John 3:1

I woke up early this morning with this fine young man, who I’m honored to call my son.  We are the early riser half of the family. In fact, I often call Ethan the “rooster,” because his eyes open when the sun first opens up the morning sky. This morning was no different. The only exception is we’re on a trip that Ethan and his sister believe is just a business trip with Dad and Mom.

It’s funny how excited the kiddos get to just go stay at a hotel. I don’t know if it’s the two beds strategically placed close enough to launch into a jump fest, or it’s the “free” breakfast bar they enjoy in the morning….but they absolutely love the experience. As you can see in the picture above, Ethan loves the simple things like making your own waffle.

Well, today is a little different in the Estes family world. Today, I feel the father’s love that the apostle John describes in his letter to the church.  No, I don’t have a God complex…far from it. I do, feel that “lavishing” love for my children today! In a few short hours this love will be lavishly revealed as Wendy and I share what the next 6 days are really going to be on this trip!

We have planned this trip for a long time. Wendy and I have crafted so many ways we could do the big “reveal.” Each scenario having a unique climatic moment when they realize what we are embarking on.  This will be our first family vacation to a destination, ever! What better destination than Disney, right?!?! We’ve been waiting years for our littlest one, Sydney-boo, to grow tall enough to enjoy most of the rides. This is the year it happens. This is probably one of the last years that our 9 year old, Mr. Waffle maker, will still have the awe and wonder of Disney that you have as an adolescent.

These last few weeks I had a small glimpse of our Father God and what He experiences as He looks upon our lives through the lens of lavishing love. The anticipation of the smiles, the joy, the memories that will be made as a family has Wendy and I on the edge of our seat. I’m thankful for this opportunity. I’m thankful that our church, 3Circle, is going through a study of 1 John where this verse was unpacked just last week!  I’m thankful for the perspective God gives us as parents with children in verses like this in 1 John.  How great is the Father’s love!

Breathe In & Smile Out,