Brace Yourself



This is a picture of what my mouth will be going through for the next 2+ years. Yes, brace yourself! This has been a total life change. I have added many minutes to my daily oral hygiene routine. The end result will be a smile with straight teeth for once in my life.  The lesson I’ve learned in the first month is I better brace myself!

Such is life, if you want drastic change it usually begins with the subtle changes. The changes that happen everyday, consistently. As in my teeth, they don’t just jerk back into place after decades of being in the wrong place. No, they need to be trained, pulled, and pushed into the right position. That doesn’t happen overnight, but it does move what seems impossible into place over a couple of years. The process is not enjoyable. The life change is not welcomed with arms opened wide…but the end result is worth it.

So, as I “brace myself,” I’m looking at other areas of my life that need that subtle, daily, nudge to get into the right position. I have found it’s not just my teeth! I encourage you to take a look at that in your life too, and let me know what that “brace,” looks like.

Breathe In & Smile Out,