General Revelation


I love the beach! There is nothing I don’t love about the beach. I could go on and on for a series of blogs on why this is so, but this morning I love it for another reason. This is where I’m having church today. Just me, God, the view you see above, and the truth of Psalms 19: 1-6 soaking in my mind, body and soul!

Before you go getting all weird on me and judging my choice for Sunday morning worship, let me say a few things. As many of you know, most Sundays I’m in the four walls bouncing around on stage worshipping our God.

First, I believe God wants us to discover and enjoy Him in His creation. That’s not to become a substitute for being plugged in a local family of believers we call the church. It’s also not meant for consideration only on Sunday.

We live in the most beautiful part of the world in my opinion. We have amazing beaches, warm water, great seafood, and warm temperatures most of the year. I sit here with this view, hearing the waves crash, and say Thank You Lord for this creation.

The second thing I would say about my Sunday morning worship is sometimes we need to get out our books, buildings, and electronic devices to enjoy God’s creation. That needs to happen 7 days a week!

We’re here for a limited time, I believe God wants us to enjoy Him and all His creative qualities we find around us. I can honestly say, since I have become a believer there hasn’t been one time I have breathed in and smiled out at the beach…thinking about God and thanking Him!

Jesus had it right. He lived and traveled by the sea often. He got away in His Father’s creation to be with Him. To talk to Him and enjoy all the creation that has His mark.

Get out and enjoy it this week. For me, I’m closing this blog now so I can go back to enjoying this morning.

Breathe In & Smile Out,