A Picture Of Stupidity

I would like to see our President’s face when they tell him, “Mr. President, ummm….Vice President Biden…umm, well there is an interview that’s…” I can see the cringe and sigh as he realizes the stupid filter didn’t work again from Biden’s brain to his mouth. Kind of like when he dropped the “F” bomb in President Obama’s ear at the signing of his healthcare reform bill in the last term.

It’s funny and sad to know that we have Vice President who is a lot like that drunk uncle who always shows up and shows out at the family events. It’s scary to know the power and influence he has, especially when you see interviews like this. I can only imagine the conversations when the camera isn’t on!

Breathe In & Please Speak Out With Intelligence!




I’m thankful for the leadership my friend Zach Adamson brings to the worship ministry at COTES. A long time ago Zach made the decision to lead without charts and music stands, and every week since then I’ve benefitted. This pushes me to worship more at home and more during the week leading into Sunday. Those times of practicing songs have turned into great worship times… and I have to say I love that!

I’m honored to be on a worship team that takes excellence seriously. From practice to Sunday morning, Zach leads us with a spirit that exudes giving God our best. It’s made a difference in my life…and my week!

Breathe In & Smile Out,