Where You Land


As I was landing last night I had a thought about destinations, life, and our journey. The shot above was taken right before we touched down on the runway, which got me thinking.

Where we land in life isn’t always our destination. Just like the seasons we experience through the year, life is meant to be lived moving forward. We are made to grow. In fact, our bodies never stop growing or aging. I believe our destinations in life are the same, meant to lead to the stage, age, season, destination, or what ever you want to call the next thing.

Don’t ever stop learning. Don’t stop loving. Don’t settle on a destination, and enjoy the journey.

Breathe In & Smile Out,

The Alabama Dynasty

This is a picture of how much Alabama football is THE culture in this beautiful state I call home. It’s funny, and true!! I watched last night, along with all the other Bama fans, as they proceeded to make history for their football tradition.  I celebrate with all my Bama friends for a few reasons. First and foremost, Coach Saban runs a disciplined program that is steeped in respect & integrity. Secondly, they play like it’s all on the line no matter the score or momentum. And lastly, we can finally say the word “dynasty” without duck and reality show in the same sentence.

Breathe In, Smile Out, And Roll Tide!