Do Mighty Things

Psalm 66:5
With God’s help we will do mighty things, for He will trample down our foes.

I love this promise from God that David captured in this Psalms. I’ve seen this play out in my life again and again. Every time I’m amazed at how God moves through people, situations, and His providence.

There is no lengths He won’t go to “help” us do mighty things. As we celebrated Jesus’ birthday yesterday, I was reminded again at how much He gave to save us…so He could “help” us do mighty things. I held my only son last night and tried to imagine what our Father went through for us.

As I reflect back this year, I am thankful for a Creator, a God, a Father who loves us so much. My prayer is that we all feel that love in the days ahead. I pray we all do mighty things for His kingdom!

Breathe In & Smile Out,

A Picture Of Green & Red


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our Green & Red Christmas Series at church. This Christmas season has a whole new lens for me thanks to the journey Pastor Chris is taking us on from the Garden, to the manger, to the cross. God weaves His purpose, call, and will through the “Green & Red” of our lives. In the green side we see life, and in the red we see death. Which is what this tree above showed me when I walked my kiddos to school.

On the left you see a blanket of dead leaves. It’s the red part of this time of year when trees prepare for the season change. On the right you see the same tree full of leaves that are alive. If I took a better picture you would see the green of life. I actually like the shadowed picture of green, because often God is working the “green” life around us in the shadows. We don’t always see it right away, but we can stand on His promise of Romans 8:28.

It’s through our pains in life that we see the greatest growth. God never intends for them to destroy us. In fact, I believe we are meant to look like this picture above. The “red” of life may be at our feet, but we stand in the “green” of life He has for us. Sometimes this is a faith stand for things we don’t see yet.  We can always stand in confidence that God will bring life. The Bible is full of stories that picture this characteristic of God. Every great movement of God came with great trial and sacrifice. In the end, the truth of Paul’s words about God in Romans stand true.

What’s your “green & red” testimony. Take a minute to reflect and thank God for His hope and faithfulness.

Breathe In & Smile Out,