Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Yes, it’s that time around the Estes house. It’s that time when Mom and Dad start gathering videos and photos that will appear one day at rehearsal dinners, weddings, big birthdays, and on to the grandchildren. This is one for the trophy shelf!

It’s also a reminder to me that we should always embrace life like these kids embraced “peanut butter jelly time!” No fear. No regard for the way people think it should be done. No holding back. And giving it all we got, not matter what! Be inspired, and get down next time you hear this song!

Breathe In Smile Out,

2 Funny Friday — Free Style

I love the word “freestyle.” I don’t know, something that just opens up the world and says, “c’mon, try it your way.”  This week’s 2 funny Friday installments come from the world of unicycle freestyles.  One is the way it should be done…and the other, well…it’s time to laugh.

Mad Props To The Way It’s Done

Get Ready To Laugh

Breathe In & Smile Out,