Fundamentals Still Matter


As I’m preparing to go to my son’s little league practice this morning I’m reminded of the simple truth, fundamentals matter. The practice of fielding grounders, catching pop-flys and throwing to the right plate are all relevant from little league to the majors. That’s why these players graduate from practice to spring training, and never quit practicing the fundamentals.

As I looked at Billboards latest picture of how the big song publishers are doing (the spaghetti graph above), I see a picture of the fundamentals at work. As much as we hear the phrase “radio is dead,” it obviously isn’t. The artists that are top chart sellers have the fundamentals in place. They have radio. They have touring. They have social networks thriving. They have record labels. They have management connecting the dots.

The conclusion is fundamentals matter. These players are all practicing these every day, every week, and every year as they move from the little leagues to the majors. The ones who aren’t making strides in these areas won’t make appearances in these top charts.

There is room for everyone to make a run at it these days. There are few who actually make it through the noise. The fundamentals matter.

Breathe In & Smile Out,