Content Is The Currency

I’m on my way down to Relevant Media Group for some studio sessions with one of our newest (and coolest!) worship artists Sarah Macintosh.  As I’m at about 39,000 feet above the ground, surfing the boingo net I’m thinking about how much marketing has changed in just the last 5 years.  It’s all about content now.  The noise of disruptive “push-marketing” doesn’t work anymore.  People want, and expect, rich content experiences.

When I think about great content creators, curators, and publishers I think about my friends at Relevant.  I’m honored to have the partnership we have to create great content.  I’m extremely thankful that they have cats like Chad Michael, Cameron Strang, Chris Miyata, and Josh Babyar who have vision beyond a simple video shoot.  I’m excited to see how Sarah’s content will connect across their channels.  It will be unconventional.  It will be real.  I believe it will make lasting connections.

It’s easy to say, “Yeah we’re doing social media! We do digital marketing…”  I’m fortunate to work with guys like Jim Gray, Mike Worley, Chad Powell, and Jamie Rowe who are innovators in this space.  They eat and breathe that little picture-gram above.  I’m excited to see the splash we make this year with all of these partners, artists, and visionaries.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


It Starts With A Dream

I’ve had Walt Disney on the brain this weekend as I’ve been helping Ethan with his first big school assignment.  Ironically, before we started this biography project, I had some thoughts about dreams.  Ethan was telling me about his dream with all kinds of cool transforming skateboards and super-hero type action as if it could possibly happen in his normal day.  It got me thinking about how we are not inhibited when we dream.  Anything is possible, and it all seems attainable.

Flash forward to Mr. Disney  and I can see how it all started with a dream.  What really inspires me about Walt is it wasn’t handed to him on a platter.  He worked, failed, worked again, and failed again before having success. Walt Disney tried to start his own art company first.  It Failed in bankruptcy.  He moved to Hollywood with a suitcase and $20 in his pocket.  He started having some success with another series that was picked up by a production house.  As you can see in the video he lost the account and was forced to rebound with something.

Adversity, trials, set-backs, all can either destroy us or make us better.  Thankfully for Walt, it made him better.  His dreaming never stopped.  Even at every accomplishment milestone, from Academy Awards to the first full color animation feature, Walt kept pressing into the dream. Each leg of the journey was a lesson for him.  It all lead to the realization of his dream.  The world was forever changed.  I can say my family was too by all the Disney movies, and soon to be amusement park (when Sydney is a few years older).

One of the greatest legacies Walt Disney left behind is the “Imagineers.”  This is the core to dreaming.  This is vital to the realization of dreams. You have to be in a creative space and culture where the imagination is free like we experience in dreams.  This is the case at Disney, and that is why they have 115 company owned patents from this group.  I love this Disney description of what the Imagineers stand for, “blending creativity with technological advancements.”

Yesterday morning I sat with my 7 year old in my lap as he gave me the play-by-play of his dream for me.  I don’t ever want to loose that fascination with what our imaginations can dream up.  I don’t want environments, market conditions, or naysayer’s “no,” to ever stop me from dreaming and believing.  For in the beginning, at the point of creation, it was our Creator who dreamed it…spoke it…and it came to be.  I’m thankful that we are all made in His image.  I’m thankful that He gives us our wildest dreams to chase and create!

Breathe In & Smile Out,