Leadership and Team…A Record For Many

Here it is, my last blog post for 2011. I’m happy to end this year with a shout out to a man who is a great man of God, father, husband, football player, leader, and servant.  I love how he treats the record breaking night with his team mates in the locker room after the game.

I strive to be a leader, friend, and team member like Drew…especially when the stage is set for it easily to sway to be all about me.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


Fire Pit Thoughts


I had an “aha” moment last night as I stared into our fire pit on the back deck. It actually could have been a “duh-huh” moment, which is Southern talk for the obvious.

As I watched the little flame struggle to light the flame on the logs I realized they weren’t stacked right. They were all together and stuffing out the oxygen needed to fan the flame.

I thought about life, love, family, work, and everything else that fills our lives. If we try to stack everything on top of each other, leaving no open space, it will choke out the flame.

The open space is margin in our lives. It is also depicts they way we lay the parts in our lives. If it’s just thrown in without strategy or vision for what we want the outcome to be, then it will end up choking out the flame.

The flame is our passion. It is our fuel that burns at the center of our lives. I have seen this burn out in the business world as everything was piled into one plan for success. Nothing strategically laid in to work with each other. The result was a failed flame.

My plan for 2012 is to lay in the logs of life, family, ministry and work in a way that will produce a flame that looks like my picture above. It doesn’t take a pile of wood to make a great flame. As you can see, just a few of the logs laid in right will do just fine.

What is your vision for 2012? How will you create margin?

Breathe In & Smile Out,