Order in Chaos

Today as I woke up in the wee hours of this new mountain time zone we’ve been living in for the last 11 days, I was struck with the thought about order in chaos.  Yes, I’m counting down the hours until our move into our new house this morning, realizing that the chaos of this transitional move out west is about to hit a new level.  According to our shipping manifest we will have 149 boxes and 330 other non-boxed items arriving today.

Today we will see our house like never before.  It will be 39 years of life, 13 years of marriage, and 7 years of children filling our lives with joy and fun.  It will look a little like this clock above.  This is the “order in chaos” clock.  It’s funny to see it was in the top google “order in chaos” image search results.  I think it’s so appropriate on a day like today, where our boxed and non-boxed house will arrive in chaos….still resembling our stuff, but not quite in order.

I love the verse in Peterson’s Message translation of Psalm 33 where it reads in verse 5:

He loves it when everything fits, when his world is in plumb-line true. Earth is drenched in God’s affectionate satisfaction.

As I was thinking through the day in light of this verse, I realized that God’s plumb-line true world isn’t necessarily in our terms of order.  A survey of the old and new testament would testify to His control and order amidst chaos.  In fact, some of His best work is in that arena of chaos.  In our earthly, real-time, perspective it won’t always seem to fit.  When I reflect back, I can see how it all fit so well.

I know that as we walk through this day of settling into the new house, Wendy and I will make order of this chaos.  We’ve moved from 3,000 square feet to 300 square feet in the Homewood Suites for the last 11 days.  That was chaos, but we kept a somewhat sane sense of order in it (and when I say we, I mean Wendy…as usual:) I couldn’t imagine doing this without God before me and with me…and I couldn’t imagine doing this without His greatest blessing in my life, my amazing wife Wendy!

Today we put on these shoes and walk out what God has planned for us.  It won’t be easy. It won’t be completely in order.  It will be a beautiful display of order in chaos.  It will all fit, and be in His true plumb-line.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


Beginning of the End


As I lean back to write this post, I’m hanging in the Foley Starbucks with my bass preparing to worship (and practice) the last Sunday set list I will play with my COTES family. I realize this is the beginning of my end here. Just like the sunrise above, I choose to paint this week with beauty rather than sadness. Fighting back the emotions, I also realize this is a choice.

I can look back at the last 6 years in my church family and clearly see God’s hand on my life. I can see the other lives He brought in my path that became the tangible touch of His hand…carrying out His love and purpose in my life.

As I recall all the times we’ve had at COTES, it makes me smile and laugh…we’ve seen it all. We’ve gone from a son being dedicated to our daughter being born. We’ve had more hospital visits than I care to list…one that left our son in a body cast for 2 months. I’ve broken two straps while playing. Wendy has gone from volunteer to running the lil kids ministry. And we have seen our son receive Christ and follow obediently on believers baptism. The list could go on and on forever, let me summarize by saying it has been the best ride of our life!

In it all we’ve had our church family there. They have loved us in every shape and condition this crazy ride had taken us on. I can’t imagine doing life without the people that make up church. I’m so thankful that it’s not limited to a day or an hour. No, the Church Jesus is coming back for is the people who do life in community all 7 days. They are the ones who live out the commandment Jesus gave us.

I know the church is not perfect. Nothing in this world is. That is what I love about it, the church is like me…and we all are growing in His grace and mercy. I could not imagine doing it any other way. So, in this beginning of this end I’m excited to start it at a place God has used greatly in our lives…for this beginning of the end is painted with beauty, life and celebration.

Breathe In & Smile Out,