Raise The Praise

I’m asking myself the rhetorical question what IS praise in my life? And the more important follow up question, what am I doing to make sure that I praise everyday….every way!

First and foremost praise is worship! The two are so tightly joined, I would describe it as worship’s DNA.  It’s our natural response to beauty.  It’s our love in motion…in expression.  I believe God wired us to do this, and whole-heartedly through our passions. Praise is not meant to be a laborious task…it is a natural response to our Father who we love! It’s not a music genre…it’s not a format…it’s not a formula.

So in my world, the way I praise God is: writing, music, serving my wife, proclamation, ministry, meditating, encouraging people, creative design, marketing…and the list would go on and on and on. My praise shouldn’t be filtered to just the 1st day of-the week…nor should it come to a climax on that day.

What if I made an effort to full-on praise everyday…in all the ways listed, for the rest of the year? What if I made an intentional effort to draw so close to God that my natural demeanor was praise to Him? What would my family, my job, my friends, my relatives , my small group, my ministry, my world look like by Dec. 31st.?

God I pray for opportunity, power from the Spirit, and guidance to rise to this challenge. Help me get beyond words on this blog! How are you praising this week? How can you raise it to the next level?

Breathe In & Smile Out,

The Right Decision

I love being a Dad for a lot of reasons. This is one of my top ones, capturing spontaneous moments where my kids speak truth in the most funny & adorable way:

The context is even funnier…on the heels of talking through choices and consequences with my 6 year old Ethan…lil Sydney-Boo wanted to reassure me of where she stood in that process….classic moments that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Don’t take life too seriously….enjoy every moment with your family….pour love into everyday…and please Make The Right Chechisions!

Breathe In & Smile Out,