It’s All In A Name

It seems like the last few weeks I have been surrounded by biblical teachings around names and their importance.  It’s been one of those wow moments when God keeps painting the truth in different pictures in my life.  From a Chapel service at Integrity Music, to a book (Soulprint) by Mark Batterson, to a podcast from Pastor Jack Hester from The People of Mars Hill Church….I’ve been on this journey of what weight a name has on our lives.

Many times the meaning of our name becomes our battle ground, as our label president Sam Chappell pointed out in the Integrity Chapel service a few weeks ago.  Batterson proclaims the truth of Revelation 2:17 where ultimately God has a special name for us to receive in heaven on unique white stones.  It will be a new name, intended only for us.

The most recent teaching I had on names really blew me away.  Pastor Jack took his congregation on a 1 year journey through the book of Genesis about a year ago.  He pulled out some great truth in the genealogy of Adam.  I have to admit, when it comes to the begats…I tend to tune out.  So, chapter five of Genesis would normally be a “tune out” moment for me….until I heard the meaning behind the names.  Given the previous weeks, this one perked my interest.

Here are the Hebrew meanings behind the names of Adam’s lineage to Noah.  Note, Cain is left out because after his curse there is no lineage captured.  Seth is then born and Eve proclaims he is the replacement for Able.  So, here goes…the translations of the names in Adam’s lineage:

Adam = man
Seth = appointed
Enosh = subject to death
Kenan = sorrowful
Mahalale = from the presence of God
Jared = one comes down
Enoch = dedicated
Methuselah = dying he shall send
Lamech = to the poor and lonely
Noah = rest and comfort

Now here comes the kicker.  When you put these names in their chronological order, you get this sentence:

“Man appointed, subject to death, sorrowful. From the presence of God, one comes down, dedicated. Dying he shall send to the poor and lonely, rest and comfort”

Your name matters.  What God has called you to fulfill, matters.  He is always in control, and always has a plan for salvation.  I encourage you to download the podcast (click here) and listen to Pastor Jack’s perspective on the picture of grace illustrated in this lineage down to Methuselah (who died in the same year the flood came).  Pray this week and seek God to show you what your namesake is in His kingdom…for that should become your legacy!

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Love Unfiltered (Lessons From The Heart)

I was reminded tonight of true love…what I call “love unfiltered.”  Which, I guess is appropriate coming off of the celebrated “love” day we call Valentines.  The even funnier, and ironic, Valentine’s story is I had my first heart doctor visit on Valentine’s day.  This actually leads right into the story behind today’s blog post.

After my Valentine’s day heart visit, the doctor saw some “areas of concern” and wanted me back for a nuclear stress test today.  BTW, am I the only one who finds the word nuclear a little stressful in and of itself? They poked, probed, tested, and poked again today.  Part of the test, the nuclear part, was to inject me with radiation.  Again, a little “stressful” to take an injection that carries the warning of “no physical contact with kids 18 and under for 24 hours” after the test.

So, tonight was a different kind of night with the family.  Tonight I was reminded of how many times I would normally hug, kiss, hold, and just be within 8 feet of my kids.  That’s beyond just a little weird for a Dad who has the routine of bath time, story time, prayer time, and snuggle time every night.  The kids were immediately aware of this weird predicament when they couldn’t hug Daddy upon entering the house.

I got to see tonight how true love is unfiltered.  It doesn’t care about what the doctor says.  It doesn’t need to earn it’s way into your arms.  True love just wants to be close to you.  It doesn’t want any filters between you.  True love wants to feel your touch…even if it’s just a hi-five.  True love will inch it’s way into your bedroom with a “I Love You” frog balloon as a protective layer…so it can be closer.  Love unfiltered will ask you 100 times, “is this 8 feet away Daddy?”

Don’t take life for granted.  Don’t take your loved ones for granted.  Hug, kiss, hold, and stay as close as you can…that’s love unfiltered!

Breathe In & Smile Out,



FYI, I am fine…the heart stress test results showed I have pericarditis (which is medical talk for, “it may feel like a heart attack, but you’re just inflamed”) . A little anti-inflammatory meds and I should be as good as new!