Create Great Art…Deliver It To The Right People…Add Value To The Experience…Period

We are ALL creative. Some EMBRACE it.  Others deny it.

I just had my world rocked by a documentary of all things.  I’m not going to get into all the ins and outs of the documetary….primarily because it doesn’t really matter….and what I learned is what really matters.

We are all creative beings. If we say we are not, then we deny our maker God.  For, He said that we are created in His image.  So, by nature we are creative. The only difference is some choose to embrace that nature while others run and deny it.

I have worked with the creative community for over 20 years.  I have worked with painters, writers, musicians, sculptors, dancers, you name it.  The common denominator is the art.  That is epicenter to the dream…to the passion…to the connection.

It’s this connection that is the key.  I have been marketing for 15 years now. I have marketed almost everything. I have been proud of many projects and cringed from several too.  As I reflect back tonight in the lens of this documentary where an artist completely changed directions 180 degrees, I see that the medium doesn’t dictate the success or failure.

If I were to break it down, great marketing is based on 3 key elements.

1. Create great art

2. Deliver it to the right people

3. Add value to the experience

If there is not any great art, then the best marketing in the world won’t matter. It will only be more noise in a very noisy market space.  Once you have achieved great art, the next step is delivery to the right people.  If you don’t know the audience, then again the art can easily get lost.  The last step is the experience.  This is often refined and established as the art interacts with an audience.  With the digital age, it’s easy to make adjustments to the experience on the fly.  That will create the icing on the cake…but first you have to have the cake and the party!

Go and create great art.  Don’t settle.  Keep at it until you have created what you see as great.  Don’t rush it.  Don’t fake it.  Be real…pour in passion.

Breathe In & Smile Out,