2 Billion Minutes

What does 2 billion minutes equate to?  YouVersion can tell you:

  • 3,800 years (Abraham was alive 3,800 years ago.)
  • 1,388,889 days (You could fly around the world 785,714 times.)
  • 33,000,000 hours (You could fly to the moon 458,333 times.)

I love when the church enters a space filled by other competition outside the church, and takes it to the next level.  There are a ton of publishers and organizations who should have been in the online / mobile Bible space years ago.  LifeChurch entered it and completely dominated.  It’s done with excellence.  It’s a bar that no one has come close to reaching.  Thankfully, it has no “christian bubble” cheese that tends to plague our space.

2 Billion minutes, that’s how they have impacted the world with this platform.  Check out the post here.  Go to the site.  Download the mobile app (which is available for all devices…even the Palm Prix).  Sign up for a reading plan, and enjoy.  Way to go Craig!

Breathe In & Smile Out,