Push On

This picture captures my near morning tradgedy…which turned into inspiration for a qucik blog. See, I put all the ingredients into the coffee maker for a fresh cup of morning joy. As I was walking out to the porch where I was about to enjoy the beach view with my two ladies (the wife and the daughter), I suddenly realized I did not push the on button!

Now that could have been a 20 min disaster…don’t mess with the morning coffee. My expectation would have crashed as I realized a simple step was left out. A critical game stopping step..the power!

How many times in life and work do we get it all together…prepare for the sum total effort…and forget to give it the final step…the power that ties it all together. For if the power to run what ever it is…is left out…then you just have a coffee pot waiting to make coffee….and I can’t get mad at the coffee pot, I have to take a look at myself :-(. Turn the power on this week…don’t miss the final step that drives it all.

Breath In & Smile Out,

To The No — Jack Johnson

I love the digital music experience, for a lot of reasons.  One of the biggest is sneak peeks.  The hear it before you can buy it…without that cheesey radio station pushing it with a boat full of commercials. Just a simple click, listen, and wait for it to release in a week or so.  That is why I was excited tonight to see this little banner on my Rhapsody home page.

I love my man Jack Johnson…perfect groove for my mood tonight…and was digging the single I’ve heard off the new album.  A few click later i land on this page with yet another great teaser into the musical treat I was about to devour.

Looking for my pair of flip flops at this point, contemplating whether I should grab a Jack Johnson honoring Hawaiian shirt for the new music tour…yes, just one click away from the new jams…and….

Boom…My Jack Johnson “To The Sea” was really “To The NO….” Nothing…click..click…NO GO.  Taking a second to gather my thoughts…click back…reload the page…wonder what idiot put this together….launch the site again…and still “To The NO.”

Now I’m a Jack Johnson fan, and he has quite a fan base.  So this malfunction won’t deter me from his new album…but I have lost confidence in Rhapsody.  The exclusive music experience kudos to Rhapsody just went out the window.  Poor testing…poor execution…poor experience….could have all been avoided.

My point is, the amazing digital music experience I love to live in…I love to work in…can make you a hero in one second and a big zero the next.  Your digital marketing plan is only as good as your execution…and your execution is only as good at your detail management…and in the end the smallest detail can derail the whole plan.

Tonight I’m not going “To The Sea,” with Jack Johnson.  Tonight I’m going to the blog.  Details count.  Your audience has a voice.  Experience will make and/or break the best plans.

Breathe In & Smile Out,