iPhone App Store

I just had the privilege of going to the “mother ship” in Cupertino for some iTunes meetings. We had lunch at Cafe Mac’s inside 1 Infinite Loop, check the tweet timeline for pics. We walked passed this display on the way in:


Yes, this is Mac power at it’s finest. 20 synchronized 30 inch Apple Cinema HD Displays. Quite the display with an interactive component that is a sign of how much this company has changed another technology game…called the smartphone. I knew iTunes is currently selling more apps than music, but had no idea they were downloading at 3,000 per/minute. What you are looking at is the most popular 20,000 apps with a real-time icon animation that illuminates and grows in size (like the mac dock when you do a roll-over of an icon) every time it’s downloaded.


Impressive, as you stand back it looks like water drops hitting this massive display. It’s the new OS…it’s the first computer screen for the masses…it’s the ultimate lifestyle device…and it’s the third time Apple has changed the game in a major way.

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Guitar Prodigy

Okay, when I was 11 I just graduated from playing a tennis racket to my first guitar, a JC Penny special. I was no where near with this 11 guitar prodigy Sungha Jungs is today. Check out this amazing video, over 2m others have already

He has a host of other videos on his YouTube channel This one above shows some of his finger-style picking chops to carry rhythm and melody at the same time. Sungha’s website is here, and his twitter is quite interesting look at the mind of an 11 year old with mad skills. I don’t think I practiced 3 hours of anything a day at his age, what discipline.

Okay, I’m going home now to practice and get my 5 year old some professional lessons. Look out for Sungha, only a matter of time before he has an album ready. Although he is in South Korea and 11 years old, it will be easy to distribute the album digitally…he already has a mass audience waiting. Check out this original composition

Breathe In & Smile Out,