The Spark, The Flame,and The Fire

On this second day of the new year I had a little revelation from my chiminea. This came from a night where we certainly didn’t really need a fire going on the back porch, but I’m glad we did.

As in life, we all need a spark to start a flame. As in my fire making skills, often you need to just lay logs on the flame and let them soak in the heat. Many times they don’t need moving or stoking. Many times I over think it and try to make a fire bigger than the environment is ready to produce.

Tonight I realized that I just needed to let the logs lay where they were. The flame did the work by itself. I just needed to sit back and enjoy it.

My prayer for 2015 is that I spark the things that need to be sparked. I pray I lay the logs on the fire that needs them. And I hope I know when to stoke what needs to be stoked, while leaving the fires alone that need to be left alone so they can naturally develop.